Ep 9: Finding Your Style


The guys struggle with the question: “How do you find what your style is?”

Liner Notes:

  • What is style? The sound or look or sentence construction that is a signature of the artist.
  • Your style is something that evolves with you as an artist.
  • Do you need to have a voice?
    • Probably not.
  • George thinks style is what you are. It’s not a conscious choice, it just is who you are.
  • Sheldon bastardizes the evolution of man.
    • George has some great insight about each stage. It takes the observer to notice.
  • Eric says: As soon as you’re not copying someone, don’t you have a style?
  • George fuckin’ sucks… (no he doesn’t)
  • Mid point take away: Don’t worry about it.
  • Listen to some Metallica, look at Jim Lee art.

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