One thought on “First Quarter Review 2018

  1. Adrian Rêveur May 4, 2018 / 9:36 am

    With regard to what you guys were saying about having had to go back and further expand the backstory. man, hearing you guys say that made me feel so lucky about how I went about it with my own book. I got lucky, really lucky that years and years ago somewhere in the early naughties maybe even 200 itself, I watched a documentary about how they decided to make the Stargate SG-1 tv series. And in that at some point, they mentioned that the idea came to them, and was always there since the original movie that the tv show is based on. In the movie, the characters figure out how to dial to this one other gate/planet. And that’s exactly it, with that one story element the viewer got it that there was more to it, that there could be other gates/planets to dial to. And that was kinda how the idea for the tv came about, apparently.
    But that really stuck with me, the idea of making your story/world seem much bigger than what you’re showing. And I’ve tried really hard to do that with the book I’m working on now. The time-window in which the book’s action unfold is just two weeks, but in those 2 weeks, I try to reference character ambitions, events from decades ago, and so on an so forth.
    So, thanks for making me feel less weird about this.

    Also, thank you for the great episode.


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