3 thoughts on “Ep 19 Influences

  1. Loco April 14, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Loved hearing about those origin stores guys, seriously that was some cool stuff.

    I marked out when Eric spoke about Street Fighter and told that story. Fighting games have always been an influence on me. And when George spoke about listening to metal and expanding his library it sort of got to me.

    I’m the only one who listens to metal, goes to concerts, plays fighting games and does anything art related when it comes to my friend groups. All of them are accountants or in real estate or something dumb (I joke) so they tend to listen to whatever is popular at the time and don’t understand what really goes into music, drawing, painting or writing.

    I learned how to play the drums in my dads studio. What inspired me, what influenced me was a video of John Bonham doing the Moby Dick drum solo. I remember seeing how f’ing fast he was and how much fun he was having. It’s painful to admit that I haven’t touched a kit for about 5 years now because we switched from an acoustic kit to an electronic kit. They way it felt wasn’t the same. It was so… hollow which is hilariously ironic. Didn’t feel nearly as satisfying to slam away. Would be nice to get behind a kit again.

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  2. Eric Vedder April 17, 2018 / 2:33 pm

    Yeah Street Fighter and the artwork forever locked me down as a Capcom fan and as luck would have it, I’ve managed to become an artist “at times” for Capcom through Udon Entertainment over the years. Funny how things come full circle sometimes. (In fact I’m working on a new piece now for one of their art books.)

    I can’t speak to music as much as George and Sheldon, but it has definitely influenced me my whole life. In fact I finally took the plunge and started to learn piano… a life long goal of mine, which for some reason, I decided to wait until my forties to start! Better late then never!!

    It is an entirely different version of my usual war with art so it’s exciting and humbling in new ways, but very satisfying when it starts to come together, albeit slowly.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing some of your story and get back to those (acoustic) drums already!!!



  3. Tjsko April 23, 2018 / 5:40 pm

    I always have been interested in stories and experiences, I got into DnD about 5 years ago but have yet to be a DM/GM for a campaign. My favorite part about playing DnD though is definitely creating these characters and exploring these worlds/ stories. Growing up I used to absolutely hate reading but once I got into high school I really started diving deep into books (mainly Sci-Fi and Fantasy). One of these days I’m going to create a campaign for DnD that I will DM (may have to hold off just a bit on that though).

    As for music, I used to be really into metal and edgy rock and recently have gotten into blues rock(mostly Joe Bonamassa but several others as well) My taste in music has evolved in a similar was as Eric’s has, as I’ve been listening to more electronic, blues and classic rock as I get older. Music has heavily influenced what I do, how I write and what I enjoy. This is like due to the fact that I learned to play guitar 10 years ago. I started out on electric and slowly moved towards acoustic, but recently haven’t really picked it up and just played on it because of college. I keep telling myself that I’ll get back into but life is hectic at the moment and its tough to get back into a hobby when you are constantly pressed with course work. And while I don’t consider myself as much of an artist, this podcast has made me want to get back into the Art that used to be so important to me, and for that I thank you guys


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