Ep 24 Stepping up


The guys talk about growing out of your comfort and into your potential.

Liner notes:

  • It can be easy to coast. To use the hammer since you know how to use that hammer. Growth comes from using a different tool.
  • The author of Dread Nation gets up early and is dedicated to her craft. She’s gunning for a book year. Not fucking around.
  • It’s important to get out of your comfort zone by trying new things.
  • Creativity is defiance. (Quote from Twyla Tharp).
  • Sometimes the creative juice can come from trying new things. Eric did this by attempting poetry in the Devil’s Leech.
  • When you get overwhelmed you sometimes can get hit with inertia or fall back to old strategies.
  • There are lots of growthless traps. Revisions can be that.
    • Let it breathe so you can breathe.
  • Time off can lead to increased productivity.
  • Stepping up is about sacrifice.
  • Play at home: How do you envision your perfect artist self? What would each day look like?
  • Spending time is the path. Don’t work smarter… work harder!


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