Ep 25 What we’re learning May ’18


A new feature where the guys discuss new tricks they’ve been learning and applying of late.

Liner notes:

  • Sheldon can pick your front door. Kind of.
  • He’s also learning positional chess from this book, found in the absolute write forums.
    • Getting all your pieces, your back row, in play as soon as possible.
    • Everything that you do in your art should matter.
    • Thinking about all of the things you can do to move your characters, your lines, your art into action soon.
  • George has been taking Hans Zimmer’s master class.
    • Using a click track to figure out where to start. To be able to hear the beats in between.
    • The blank page for music can be demystified here.
    • How to pivot track to track.
    • Audio diaries as a sketchbook.
  • Eric is relearning old topics that he’s forgotten
    • Starting with the base shapes, instead of the details.
    • Eric has a Miss-Style
      • He’s remembering to have fun and move the lines in a way that excites him.
    • Using as much of the panel to tell the story. Not cramming them, but making sure your reminding the audience of important aspects.
  • It is important to get someone to give you a fresh critique.

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