One thought on “Ep 26 Getting over blocks

  1. Loco May 30, 2018 / 9:40 pm

    “Just Quit”
    I can’t get blocked if I’m never making stuff in the first place!
    Loco: 1.
    Block: [REDACTED].

    Good stuff Sheldon. I never thought of anything like your idea. It got me thinking of a few concepts, like placeholders almost. Get the idea in there and start molding the clay and make a shape, so to speak, then add my personal touch.

    That Sleep On It bit was a mind blow. No, seriously. That actually might be the cause of this block. My work decided to switch me to days (after being on midnights for a year) and I just can’t adjust… mind you it’s only the second week. My own worst enemy here because I’d wake up and I’m one of those people who, once I wake up, can’t really go back to sleep. So what I’d do is read, or try and get creative. Writing, drawing, work on my voice acting a bit. Anything until I go back to sleep. Maybe that’s hurting me more than it is helping? Interesting.

    Hmm. Walking away. That got me thinking. Go with me on this. Sir Anthony Hopkins explained in an interview how he goes about acting. He’ll read the script 200 times or so until the dialogue in locked in. He then does exactly that, walks away. He let’s it take form subconsciously over time so that, when he arrives on set, the part just plays through him. The more I think of that the more inclined I am to try something similar.

    Alright! Lots of great answers and explanations. Hope these helps others because it sure as hell made at least one gear turn inside my head.

    Thanks for another great podcast, fellas.


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