Ep 25 What we’re learning May ’18


A new feature where the guys discuss new tricks they’ve been learning and applying of late.

Liner notes:

  • Sheldon can pick your front door. Kind of.
  • He’s also learning positional chess from this book, found in the absolute write forums.
    • Getting all your pieces, your back row, in play as soon as possible.
    • Everything that you do in your art should matter.
    • Thinking about all of the things you can do to move your characters, your lines, your art into action soon.
  • George has been taking Hans Zimmer’s master class.
    • Using a click track to figure out where to start. To be able to hear the beats in between.
    • The blank page for music can be demystified here.
    • How to pivot track to track.
    • Audio diaries as a sketchbook.
  • Eric is relearning old topics that he’s forgotten
    • Starting with the base shapes, instead of the details.
    • Eric has a Miss-Style
      • He’s remembering to have fun and move the lines in a way that excites him.
    • Using as much of the panel to tell the story. Not cramming them, but making sure your reminding the audience of important aspects.
  • It is important to get someone to give you a fresh critique.

Ep 24 Stepping up


The guys talk about growing out of your comfort and into your potential.

Liner notes:

  • It can be easy to coast. To use the hammer since you know how to use that hammer. Growth comes from using a different tool.
  • The author of Dread Nation gets up early and is dedicated to her craft. She’s gunning for a book year. Not fucking around.
  • It’s important to get out of your comfort zone by trying new things.
  • Creativity is defiance. (Quote from Twyla Tharp).
  • Sometimes the creative juice can come from trying new things. Eric did this by attempting poetry in the Devil’s Leech.
  • When you get overwhelmed you sometimes can get hit with inertia or fall back to old strategies.
  • There are lots of growthless traps. Revisions can be that.
    • Let it breathe so you can breathe.
  • Time off can lead to increased productivity.
  • Stepping up is about sacrifice.
  • Play at home: How do you envision your perfect artist self? What would each day look like?
  • Spending time is the path. Don’t work smarter… work harder!


Ep 20 Steve Sinclair Interview Pt. 1


You might know Steve Sinclair (@sj_sinclair) as the Creative Director of Warframe, but did you know about his music projects? Or his rock band past? The guys sit down with him for an intimate interview about his creative drive, process, and struggles.

Read the transcript here