Ep 16 Fears


Things are getting scary in here. The guys get a little vulnerable.

Liner notes:

    • George is afraid that YOU don’t know he is THREAT MACHINE. Let’s try to remedy that.
    • Fear of not bringing your “A” game.
      • Collaboration with friends that don’t allow it.
      • Left to your own devices, you might find a pattern, the path of least resistance.
        • Try to have someone you trust to be the whip at your back.
    • Fear of not releasing the things that are in your head.
      • George is worried about all the processes and people and delays with his album releasing.
    • Fear of lack of progress can be a killer.
    •  I’d rather be scared than complacent.


One thought on “Ep 16 Fears

  1. Sarah Holstein March 25, 2018 / 3:11 am

    Sorry I haven’t had time to make real comments on episodes lately–I’ve enjoyed them! But I wanted to say something quick:

    Rest and recharging is just as important a part of the creative process. Sometimes it’s necessary to rest your mind and let your subconscious work at some of that problem solving and, of course, avoid burnout and regarding your beloved creativity/work as a chore. Take a few days to loaf around and specifically not give attention to your work– and when you start feeling that nagging feeling, instead of berating yourself over not working for a few days, realize that your rest time is over and you’re ready to get back to actively working.

    Guilt and fear is a great motivator, but it does come at a price– There will be times you simply are NOT able to work, and it’s no good to your creativity and bravery if you define your value/positive feelings on productivity/workaholism.

    Just be realistic, factor rest/fuckoff time into your process, and take care of yourselves 🙂



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