One thought on “Forgetting the Past

  1. David Senzali May 4, 2019 / 4:13 am

    This episode really hit home, i consider myself a person with a lot of baggage and self doubt. Picked up a bunch of stuff over the years and dropped it, then started doing it again. creatively it sometimes feels like i’m squeezing myself with an idea through a tube hoping to get out on the other side with the same shape.
    Having those moments of clarity where i can clearly see what i want to create,but when execution time comes, every step feels like sheats of translucent paper covering the initial idea,then comes the dim of the fire. Something new and different ends up being created,so i fall in the recycling mode, doing,deleting,redoing,going back to an old save,repeat,doubt is killer.. When my work feels like a design of chance it is as someone else has done it. .so that’s more dirt into the fire. This is one of my worst owned walls. But creation is just that right?Nature is the motherload of design because she tried all different shapes sizes colors and just kept refining with experiment.I tell myself this, knowing that most of the time it feels out of my hands,due to technical skill or even creative blindness on certain stages of the project, and this makes me drag a project for way more time that it should.
    Thankfully you guys exist and hearing about your personal struggles and your own drive inspires me to continuously seek my own and grind at it. Since the first episode you have been teachers, so thank you for the chunks of wisdom that help me keep my fire going by sheltering it from the storms,your experience and perspective are invaluable lessons and a kick in the balls of procrastination.

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