One thought on “Art in Troubled Times

  1. Tiago March 23, 2020 / 8:00 pm

    Between a huge price in human life, police enforcing curfews or making random stops, tv news channels spreading fear mongering with a hollywood tone and a authoritarian smirk. A lot of good is happening as well, people are giving out concerts from their balconies and bringing neighbours which were former strangers together, people are helping each other, and the natural world is showing signs of healing.

    Polution in China dropped last i check 20%, Venice canals are clear, fish and birds are returning, some birds are moving into the cities(yeah Sheldon), and the air is fresher.People are working but still have quality time with their family, and there is a readjustment of priorities. this will definitely lead to a paradigm shift.

    As 9/11 created division and fear, hopefully covid is/will bring people together with a different take on the natural world and their responsability towards it and everyone else. We already see companies designing and giving out to governments the first prototypes of cutting edge medical equipment,bunch of researchers that instead of competing are working together to flesh out a huge amount of data to resolve a problem, a lot of intercommunication and the crack down on those idiots who bought disinfectant and masks in huge quantities to sell them for 60 euros a piece.

    The biggest problem right now is how most people with react with the time compression. Our houses are our havens, but if we work and do everything in our house, it becomes a prison, time seems to get halved and productivity lowers as everything we seem to do cannot fight head on the boredom at some point. The lack of uncontrolled sensatory input works towards that feeling, so if this goes long enough a bunch of people will become depressed.

    It is how you guys said, in a time where we never seem to have time for ourselves this is the perfect time to get shit done and to create the opportunities to get exposed to something new. In other words, all your podcasts until this point are the manual to get through this crisis, get an episode plug it into a megaphone and reach out to your neighbours.
    Don’t know if that is legal on Canada, but it’s good fun and will give something interesting for people to ponder over their cups of coffee.

    Today on my street a few guys in Hazmat suits escorted two ladies covered head to toe into a van. Lesson i take from it? My dog doesn’t know how to use a toilet on his own, and i should’ve chosen an apartment with more than one access street.

    Stay safe guys


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